10 thoughts on “Arduino Mousecatcher

  1. 1. Mouse activate …
    1. Mouse activate switch 2. Massive spike set crush the mouse…

  2. WHY do you need a …
    WHY do you need a controller for that?
    You have a twisted mind, my friend.

    Your idea:
    1 – Mouse activates switch
    2 – Switch activates Arduino
    3 – Arduino activates relay
    4 – Relay activates servo
    5 – Servo turns and catches mouse

    How about:
    1 – Mouse activates switch
    2 – Switch activates servo?
    3 – Servo turns and catches mouse


  3. awsome design but i …
    awsome design but i would of used the pir heat sensor or the ping

  4. what is the trigger …
    what is the trigger for it? is it just 2 contacts close togeather?

  5. i’ve seen this done …
    i’ve seen this done before with a large rock and a stick. interesting take on it. this really brings the stone age and 21st century together.

  6. why the American …
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  7. you shuda used a …
    you shuda used a computer mouse, and been a funny hackaday’er

    good work champ

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