Arduino Scooterputer

Arduino-based computer for my scooter. Features battery voltage indicator, temperature, real time clock, accelerometer lean gauge, resettable trip meters, MPH, max MPH, odometer, GPS with lat/lon coordinates and heading, GSM/GPRS cell module.

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7 thoughts on “Arduino Scooterputer

  1. @4204nittanyapts

    Yes, you are correct. I was not able to get the lean gauge working using the accelerometers, as mentioned on my blog site. I recently replaced the lean gauge with a tach which calculates RPM by detecting and counting the ignition pulses on the 12v power line (i.e. no sensor wire req’d!). Far more useful 🙂

  2. awesome job. My …
    awesome job. My only comment is that accelerometers won’t give you an accurate lean angle measurement on a single-track vehicle. you’ll need 3 gyros and a trick model-based kalman filter to even come close, especially with sparkfun-grade sensors. Still, incredible packaging and great work.

  3. Amazing! This is …
    Amazing! This is what I’ve been wanting to build for a long time. Thanks for some motivation/inspiration 😀

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