[C#] Page-filling bot

In this video, I’ll show you how to make a basic page-filling bot in C#.

Sorry for my poor english and my bad voice.. My primary language is french.

The SendData method can be found here :


The HTML page can be found here :


The ID of each HTML elements can be found in the source code of the page.

In this video, I’m using Visual C# 2008, Notepad++ and Firefox.

If you need some C# advices or help, you can contact me at the following email :


Duration : 0:5:0


5 responses to “[C#] Page-filling bot”

  1. CharnyCoding Avatar

    Use something like …
    Use something like :

    HtmlElementCollection elements = WebBrowser.Document.All;
    foreach(HtmlElement element in elements)
    element.SetAttributes(“value”, TEXT_HERE);

  2. deliled Avatar

    Can we get elements …
    Can we get elements by name? Some text fields on some of the websites do not have ids.

  3. TPDPranks Avatar

    You might want to …
    You might want to edit the names of your videos. There is a big difference between C# and C#.NET. Just thought I would point that out.

  4. twizted786 Avatar

    Fyi, on your video, …
    Fyi, on your video, you set the wrong textbox for user and password. Should be flipped.

  5. CodingFanatic Avatar

    Trying it out right …
    Trying it out right now!
    I tried the hello world for vb.net thing and it worked 🙂
    How to I make it into a applications sort of thing so I can load it directly, instead of going into visual Basic, then loading it.

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