Stepper Motor Music With an Arduino

Version 2.00 is here:

Stepper Motor Music with the help of an Arduino

This is the first of many videos I’ll be posting of my stepper motors playing music. The data for the music is taken from a MIDI file I made. The code for interpreting the data and moving the motors was written by me over the course of a few days.

The sound you’re hearing is coming entirely from the motors. The motors are screwed into some pieces of aluminum from an old project to help them resonate. I’m taking requests for other songs to play.

Currently, the information for the song is stored on the Arduino. Plans for implementing a realtime MIDI stream are underway. Eventually I’ll be able to plug in a keyboard and play the motors as though I were playing piano.

These motors (and their L-shaped aluminum bracket mounts) were taken from The Pipe Dream MIDI Robot that I built in 2008 (see my other videos). I reluctantly disassembled that machine when I moved out of my old house.

Duration : 0:0:39

[youtube 8L8hY8siUMQ]

25 thoughts on “Stepper Motor Music With an Arduino

  1. put goombas on the …
    put goombas on the end. and make them into green pipes. awesome.

  2. That made me belly …
    That made me belly laugh and wake up my wife. I love it! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. my friends and i …
    my friends and i did something like this awhile ago, we didnt tape it tho, it was for a talent show

  4. very good job, i …
    very good job, i didnt have that on mind yet, but you are very clever, i will give you an idea, u should make something as an robotic hand or arm wich it moves and it plays the music, i was up to do that but i have no stepper motors driver yet, i hope you like my idea

  5. could you make a …
    could you make a video that you show each sound? because its hard to believe its not a music player…

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