K-9 Autonomous Robot – Part 1


Building A Real Robot Pet!

This is the basic components in the first stage of my Autonomous K-9. (There are 4 versions). Remember K-9 from Doctor Who? Well, this will soon be the real thing. I’m trying to keep the basic AI and awareness very simple with only one sensor. The code is the most complicated part… so far 😛

Duration : 0:4:24

[youtube 3jmYztwaq7o]

25 thoughts on “K-9 Autonomous Robot – Part 1

  1. please man can you …
    please man can you sent me the plans im new in robotics and i want someting cool for my first project.it is really very good!

  2. how did you program …
    how did you program the microcontroler have you used a cable thats what am looking for that cable that connects the board to a pc port known as a comm. and there is something you connect to the boad the female thing you plug it in what do you call that plz reply thank you.

  3. you can put on leds …
    you can put on leds and it will look really like eyes it will be so coool
    PS. nice job

  4. If this thing …
    If this thing becomes self aware and takes over the world. I’ma kick your ass.

  5. about just 3 months …
    about just 3 months i release
    a robot with 25gflop multi core processing
    and a 64gb SSD flash disk
    this microchip has so much power,
    we have done a test to let the robot talk
    powered by 8hp engine motors
    his maximum speed is 52km/h
    and 48km/h with maximum payload 50kg
    the robot weight 45 kilogram
    using ultra sonic to see
    processing it to 3d (using 256mb graphic)
    and share his data on the flash disk
    using GPS to find his path
    its also manual to control by satellite

  6. very cool man! i …
    very cool man! i personally think it looks cooler without the body shell

  7. within a week or so …
    within a week or so of this video i finalized the build . you can see it in my video list . sounds like u did some fun stuff, good to hear .

    i don’t remember every object . only the ones within an area of itself .

    good luck on ur future projects dude!

  8. i did it in 2000 so …
    i did it in 2000 so maybe stuff are easier now
    but for some reason we had a lot of probs.
    by the way…
    a quick Q. how much mem u think it’ll need to remeber exact locations of objects it ran/bump into so it wont do it again? and what would it take to say which stuff are gonna be permanent or not?!?! (let’s say it’s a vacume cleaner in ur house) thats a Q i was asked during the test by the prof. (back then i was shocked but i passed)

  9. I see… maybe you …
    I see… maybe you gotta tighten the tracks a bit… and yeah, size always comes as an issue when you decide to add more over the thing you build ;P I’m thinking about a new base, but with the same tracks. I can’t go for wheels after seeing how awesome tracks are 😉

  10. Opps i accidently …
    Opps i accidently clicked “remove” on your comment about the track .

    turning on the other track to go reverse is commented out in code because the track kept falling off on carpet when one was reversed .

    the dimensions of the tank-like base used is not too properly to scale . 🙁

  11. Video responses are …
    Video responses are accepted automatically on my page, however I can’t see yours 😐

  12. My Sharp IR sensors …
    My Sharp IR sensors and ultrasonic range finders are on the way… when I get them, I’ll use’em for the bot in the video with the cat 🙂

  13. I meant servos 😛 …
    I meant servos 😛 By the way we’d both used Tamiya tank tracks 😉

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