10 thoughts on “Robotic Safe Cracker

  1. @numuzmar —
    ” …

    @numuzmar —
    “Opened a “manipulation proof”, high security safe in just a few hours”
    “The Autodailer successfully detected the correct combination after about 21,000 cycles”

    Each click on the video seems to be one attempt. 1 try every 1-2 seconds

  2. Ten years ago when …
    Ten years ago when my govt security folks replaced my manual safe lock with an electronic one, they said don’t forget the combo because they would have to destroy the lock to get into it. They could open the old one with a device like the one shown here, typically would take about three days. A bit of reinventing the wheel here.

  3. so
    robots can work …

    robots can work together…….check
    robots can build stuff…………..check
    robots can self replicate………check
    robots can crack our safes…..check
    robots can look like people…..check

    sky-net anyone?

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