Need some experienced help here?

I’m having difficulty finding a FREE (I’ve found a few pay sites with very quality content, but I’m unable to afford their fees) porn site with a lot of good quality (clear sound and picture) robot porn? I’m not looking for humans and robots having sex, but instead robots with other robots? And, I’d prefer them to be Terminator style robots, as apposed to the BattleBot style (too many saws and lazers, which can be distracting). Please help!

hahaha. download that shit of limewire or ares.

4 thoughts on “Need some experienced help here?

  1. omg how the fuck do robots have sex,
    y would u want to watch that,
    r u a robot,
    if so y r watchin porn,
    and hwo to u have a penis?
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  2. Is this a serious question? It’s probably hard enough to find good free porn period so good luck trying to find robot porn.
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