BattleBots 09 Rough Live LineCut Brutality vs VD6 4 of 5.m4v

This is the rough live line-cut.

Duration : 0:2:47





4 responses to “BattleBots 09 Rough Live LineCut Brutality vs VD6 4 of 5.m4v”

  1. Toxictorch Avatar

    Driver of VD6 here. …
    Driver of VD6 here. This was our first lost in the winners bracket. We had changed out some belts so that they were fresh for this fight, but in doing so we accidently wired our drive speed controller incorrectly. One wire switch and the whole thing was dead… The thing the video doesn’t show is me going into the arena and having to flip the power switch with the weapon on at full speed. Heh.

  2. Octillery63 Avatar

    How exactly does a …
    How exactly does a robot that can’t move make it to what I’m presuming is the semifinals? Dang it, VD6, I thought we’d progressed beyond “my robot dies for no reason”!

  3. BellyLover06 Avatar

    I don’t think VD6 …
    I don’t think VD6 ever got going out of his square.

  4. benskingtut Avatar

    First Viewer!!!! I …
    First Viewer!!!! I was there!!!!!

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