My Basic Stamp Supercomputer!!!

My Supercomputer! I got the idea to make a supercomputer model at the hobby level. It’s a low cost simple project using 11 Parallax Basic Stamp microcontrollers. These “computers” are connected together for hardware/ software clustered parallel processing, a process used by many of the World Supercomputers. It’s a fantastic learning tool and can easily control 176 peripherals/sensors.

This is the World’s First talking Basic Stamp Hobby Supercomputer (BSS) working model! It communicates by voice, lights, vision, sounds, motion, ports, infrared, ultrasonics, Liquid Crystal Display, and a tiny uOLED color monitor.

This 1st proof-of-concept demo video simply shows all 11 computers communicating. There are 10 workers and one master. The master handles interface network traffic and polls workers for information. Here’s some features:

* Small
* Light
* Portable
* Field Operable
* Runs on Batteries
* Large Number of (I/O)
* Large Number of Sensors/Variety
* Low Power Consumption
* Low Unit Cost
* Easy to Program

Why model a Supercomputer? Here’s some reasons:

• Learning experiences & challenges
• Expanding education & knowledge
• Gaining useful background for career
• Research Benefits
• Extending Basic Stamp power
• Creating new inventions, ideas, applications
• Own your own, prestige
• School project, credit
• Involvement, sense of great accomplishment
• Psychological relaxation, Symbolic Value
• Sharing, making new friends

A full writeup article appears, with plans, schematics, build instructions, and software, in Penguin Tech Magazine (see links below).

Basic Stamp Supercomputer Project & Updates

World’s Smartest Penguin Robot
(Robot with 12 Brains)

email: penguin.robot(at)

Basic Stamp Supercomputer Model Web Page

Maker of Basic Stamps

Many thanks to the amazing Parallax Company, where you can find Basic Stamp computers, Penguin robots, and parts/sensors, and thanks to all the wonderful friends on the Parallax Forum, many are at guru genius level, all offer constructive guiding help and positive suggestions. To you I say thanks just to let you know I could not have done this project without your inspirations. humanoido

New applications include a powerful artificial intelligence 12-computer brain for robots, and a powerful eye – vision for the blind. More POWER projects are on the way!

NOTE: the BSS is now upgraded with more higher end faster computers. Software upgrades communicate with 20 computers. With the faster chip in place, the BSS is 250 times faster. Also discovered, dual or quad core PCB, and MIPS acceleration boards interface to a Basic Stamp. These experiments can push the stamp into the MIPS range computing.

Constructive comments & questions welcomed. Thanks for viewing! Come back for continuous updates!

Duration : 0:5:51

25 thoughts on “My Basic Stamp Supercomputer!!!

  1. Is the parallel …
    Is the parallel used for crunching calculations faster, or just for more I/O?

  2. impressive! And I …
    impressive! And I noticed the massive fan that I assume you use for cooling.

  3. Impressive but what …
    Impressive but what is the purpose of this computer, what use can it have ?

  4. I am currently …
    I am currently working on a Z80 supercomputer, I have completed & tested three boards at this point, the next board will have a Z80 compatible Z180 CPU (64pin Dip Version) because it can address 512KB vs 64KB of the Z80. The purpose is essentially to better my programming skills and in doing so I would like to have an end product that can emulate an i486. I am also working on designing a commodore 64 clone using a 6502 CPU & TTL Logic.

  5. awesome! Love it, …
    awesome! Love it, I’m just learning how to use the basic stamp. awesome little thing it is.

  6. I would like to see …
    I would like to see you build something nearly as complex as that, great job man.

  7. the point is to …
    the point is to build it on your own. bill gates and steve jobs started somewhere. why not start here yourself?

  8. why face reality …
    why face reality when one can get lost indulging into silicon junction fantasy..

    cool pile of total nothingness made most interesting. good job!

  9. nice work.
    But a …

    nice work.
    But a little bit to expensive for me 😀

    I’m already happy with 1 basic stamp 2 (2.5)

    Next school year maby the urdanio (or how they call it… never mind)

    Besides al what I’ve said. Really nice work!

    How much time did it take?

    (im sorry for my bad English :))

  10. wow a super …
    wow a super computer hahah i got one too mine is a hp from walmart duhh! you are stacking 256 processor chips dont make it a super computer you need faster processer speed to ultimate as a super pc duh ! i could use a simple hand held caculater as a pc dumb lol !!!!

  11. hahahaha it was a …
    hahahaha it was a joke, but who knows, maybe one of those ‘worker’ cards is dedicated to graphics

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