Question Answered – A 4WD Mini BattleBot

I have gotten quite a few emails from people asking me if it is possible to build a 4WD mini BattleBot that is still driveable. For the longest time my engineer friends told me “NO!!! IT”S NOT POSSIBLE!!!”, but then why is it that TYCO, EDGE, and other companies built a few RC cars that did just this. In short the answer is yes it does in fact work, in the video I will give a quick demonstration as well as a few tips.

Duration : 0:4:10

[youtube 80APR-yYGqU]

4 thoughts on “Question Answered – A 4WD Mini BattleBot

  1. The slow speed …
    The slow speed would probably make it a decent sumo bot if you threw a wedge on there.

  2. really you got …
    really you got emails about that? Well it’s quite easily possible, I mean for pushy bots. They have to be 4wd unless they use tank treads because 2 wheels turning aint gonna give you much grip.
    Still nonetheless awesome video.

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