Waseda Face Robot – Sexy Robots Videos

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This robot focuses on human emotions and behaviors.
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Duration : 0:4:12

[youtube BUxQB8YLxbg]

25 thoughts on “Waseda Face Robot – Sexy Robots Videos

  1. the whole point of …
    the whole point of using a robot is it can do the job without emotions….

  2. Why the can’t …
    Why the can’t I find any videos for WABOT-1? Surely they took some footage back in 1973.

  3. any one else …
    any one else noticed the robot was making an angry face when it grabbed the apple ?…last thing i think those guys want is the robot getting and throwing an apple at them lol

  4. The menacing …
    The menacing breathing grows louder and louder! I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight! 0.0

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