Simple Arduino Robot

My first attempt at robot building. Controlled by an Arduino Duemilanove.

There was something wrong with the original design. I now believe that there should have been some type of isolation between the arduino and the two relays. I think the relays were drawing too much current because after a while the whole thing would power down and restart constantly.

Duration : 0:2:22





2 responses to “Simple Arduino Robot”

  1. 07Dorado1 Avatar

    shit man awesome. …
    man awesome. one day i wanna bulid a robot or something i’ve tried to before but with all the wiring an dstuff it confuses me anyways nice robot and good luck with your next one.

  2. webadage Avatar

    OMG! The first step …
    OMG! The first step towards the day the Terminators take over the planet. 🙂
    Great video!

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