How to make a robot

It is easy to make robots:

You can build this robot in a weekend, and learn how to make robots at the same time. All instructions, videos, materials and everything can be found on

See how this was made here:

Duration : 0:1:7

14 thoughts on “How to make a robot

  1. Wow what is the …
    Wow what is the name of that sweet tune in the background?

  2. i freaking love …
    i freaking love this video, im going to have my dad order the kit very soon. not a cheap hobby but when im done i’ll make it do so many things

  3. @vegito129 No, it …
    @vegito129 No, it is an autonomos robot. But if you want to make it RC, it is very easy to add.

  4. hey how do you …
    hey how do you maake it mave like is it remote controlled…. if is is ill buy the set if it isnt then no

  5. how do you connect …
    how do you connect the sharp if? there wasn’t any cable that came with the lmr bundle?

  6. After I save all of …
    After I save all of my money for my lego mindstorms nxt one armed robot. I will try to save my money and build this robot.( I think its great)
    just so you know i’m todd mccartha 15 going on 16 and I love robotics and A.I
    I promise I will try to improved this amazing technology for the future

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