Transforming T-3 Solar Robot Kit

These transforming solar robots are part of an intelligent mobile kit that requires no fossil fuel and more importantly no batteries. Its animated movements are activated by nature’s gift of sunshine!

This solar robot can change into a scorpion, a tank and then back into the normal robot mode. After you’ve left the robot in the sun for a while to soak up some sun it’ll be able to move about to keep you entertained. You won’t need much in the way of tools either for this 70 piece kit. You’ll just need a screwdriver and maybe a diagonal cutter to assemble the whole thing!

This particular robot is a kit that’ll let you or your children learn a little more about using solar power in a much more interesting way. Plus after you’re all finished building the robot, you’ll have a fun little transforming robot. Makes a perfect gift and is suitable for children 8yrs and up or you could even leave it on your own desk for some entertainment while you’re bored at work! Choice is completely yours..

– Toy Fair 2010 Top 10 Hottest Toys


Under direct sunlight, see how solar power drive the motor to have the 3 solar robots make different movements
Easily transforms into three intergalactic designs:
– Tank
– Robot
– Scorpion
70-Piece Kit provides all necessary parts and detailed instructions


Solar Panel Output : 75mA
Assembled Size :
– 71mm x 82mm x 117mm (Robot),
– 114mm x 94mm x 82mm (Scorpion),
– 100mm x 78mm x 54mm (Tank)
Solar Cell Life : 2 yrs in normal use
Motor : DC
Power Consumption : 30mA
Tools needed : diagonal cutter; screwdriver
Piece count : 70

WARNING: Not for children under 3 years old.

Duration : 0:1:23

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  1. @thedonutperson


    dont buy one its hardely moves and breaks easily tried clicking one part to the other and it snaped

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