8 thoughts on “How to make a Battle Bot!

  1. yeah i know it …
    yeah i know it would get trashed

    this bot was really only made for my fun seires bodge bots so yeah…i accept it’s rubbish!

    this robot btw is no more! my eight year old bro( im only 12!) decided to put it up against my heavy(that has a spinning disk!) and…R.I.P bodgy!

    i have better robots and some cool new vids to upload, so watch this space…

  2. u shouldve put the …
    u shouldve put the fan thing on the top and took a frying pan or something and put it on the fan to make a spinner bot =)

  3. hi

    i will be …

    i will be making one that is 150g’s and 3 inches wide/long

    is that small anough lol


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