The Latest In Hobby Robotics 17

In this weeks episode of The Latest in Hobby Robotics, Frits Lyneborg is giving you 2 tips to fun a nerd can have with RC cars. The first and easy one is “Build something new from the parts”. The second, and more complex one is to upgrade your RC car with “computer assisted sliding control”.

There is also a sneak preview of one of the Multicopters that Frits is testing for later episodes; the QuadPod from

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Duration : 0:5:22

[youtube V32AhUZCrAQ]

25 thoughts on “The Latest In Hobby Robotics 17

  1. Nice, I should turn …
    Nice, I should turn my real car into drive by wire and put a microcontroller and gyro in it too 🙂 then I’ll drift like without the necessity of me doing the corrections and always going the right way sideways :D?

  2. Great ideas! I like …
    Great ideas! I like the snow ski? robot with propellers. You have got to check out my channel and see what you can build with MINDS-i!

  3. i have no? idea …
    i have no? idea what he was talking about, but i do wanna see that helicopter fly.

  4. @fritslyneborg Nice …
    @fritslyneborg Nice , jeg har altid godt villet bygge noget spændende ud af f.eks en fjernstyret bil. Måske tunet den eller lign. Men hvergang er det bare resulteret? i en ødelagt RC bil..

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