How to make a simple balloon Robot!

Beep Boop Bop. Today we take a look at a rather simple balloon robot. It requires a little over 5 balloons (If you did it right you could get it down to 5) and a bit of marker. I have personally used this for centerpieces as well as line work upon request.

With a diffrent color it could be an alien or even a skeleton if you squinted hard enough.

Duration : 0:10:41

[youtube I2m8Ik8QS5w]

7 thoughts on “How to make a simple balloon Robot!

  1. you’re amazing- i …
    you’re amazing- i love? your creativity- love the different filmed locations as well!

  2. This Robot is GREAT …
    This Robot is GREAT.? I have always made an alien when asked for a robot. Now I have this to make. Thanks for posting it.

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