The Latest in Hobby Robotics 09

In this weeks edition of The Latest in Hobby Robotics, Frits and
Andrew are taking a fast tour of 10 cool hobby robot projects!

Here are links to the projects in the video:

CNC machine v2.1 – aka “Valkyrie Reloaded”

Z-39 – made by CNC

HXT900 Hexapod

DAGU Robot Arm with Roboduino Control through keyboard


Phototropic Bristlebot

Hand Of Bob – Alternative Robonova Robot Grippers

Towers of Hanoi with Picaxe 08M

Robot platform for various ‘bot experiments

My First Robotic Arm

Low-cost gripper

Duration : 0:5:38

25 thoughts on “The Latest in Hobby Robotics 09

  1. @elemineseslapolla …
    @elemineseslapolla lmao im? suprised he didnt just fall over dead

  2. the arab guy saw? …
    the arab guy saw? justin bieber on tv and froze hopelessly

  3. what must i type in …
    what must i type in on letsmakerobots. com? registering quiz answer???

  4. @jaredarm You might …
    @jaredarm You might get surprised how ordering from China often is cheaper than ordering from your local store. And if you look at the frontpage of letsmakerobots . com, bottom right, you will find? codes to get further 5% cheaper parts 🙂

  5. I live in Denmark …
    I live in Denmark and I really want to start with arduinos and robotics. I could order the parts from the states but shipping costs quite a lot. Sites like Jameco and Maker Shed have everything I want to buy.
    But are there? any online stores in Denmark that would be cheaper?

  6. Computer Numeric …
    Computer Numeric Coordination
    it is the accurate computer control of three? seperate axis at once

  7. Peace, love, and …
    Peace, love, and lots of male bonding! 😀 thanks to? all of you 🙂

  8. @x9x9x9x9x9 Don’t …
    @x9x9x9x9x9 Don’t worry about? it. Frits has a sense of humor, as you may have noticed.
    @shebotnov Thanks for coming to the defense, but I don’t think x9x9x9x9x9 meant any harm.
    All is well.
    -Andrew ‘ignoblegnome’

  9. @shebotnov I really …
    @shebotnov I really don’t know much about robotics your right, but I was just saying this video just seemed that way.? I love watching these. So it’s nothing against him I was just pointing out what it looked like to me.

  10. @x9x9x9x9x9 lol you …
    @x9x9x9x9x9 lol you dont? know what you are talking about. So plz STFU

  11. @pianopower1 Come …
    @pianopower1 Come to? the letsmakerobots website and try the ‘start here’ robot.
    It’s an easy way to get started.
    -Andrew ‘ignoblegnome’

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