Arduino Control of Model Train

A quick technical tour of the electronics at my 1′ x 4′ model train layout called Dawson Station. I’m using two different Arduino microcontrollers to control the train and play sound. I set this up for the 6th Annual Pacific Model Logger’s Congress in Elsie, Oregon, where the layout won the diorama division and was runner-up best-in-show.

Here are the links mentioned in the video:

More details and pictures at:

See my other videos to see the layout in action as a switching puzzle, or the real railroad in action before it ceased operation in 2007.

Duration : 0:10:1

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  1. Very nice!? I’m …
    Very nice!? I’m amazed at what you can do. I think Arduino should send you a t-shirt or some bono boards for the positive publicity!

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