Tutorial 05 for Arduino: Motors and Transistors

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Duration : 0:17:5

[youtube 5bHPKU4ybHY]

25 thoughts on “Tutorial 05 for Arduino: Motors and Transistors

  1. @healthyforyou The …
    @healthyforyou The 5V regulator on the arduino cannot supply enough current.?

  2. when i program the …
    when i program the servo it said name lookup of? ‘i’ changed for new ISO ‘for’ scoping

  3. Jeremy you are …
    Jeremy you are awesome, I find this videos highly educational and inspiring.

  4. you the man…. …
    you the man…. cause for? a beginner like me i actually understand lol
    but keep doing yah thing man hope someday i can get on that level someday

  5. Thats a 9v to 5 v …
    Thats a 9v to 5 v voltage reg. what to use to make a 12 to 5v
    what’s the v.regulator’s model , I cant seem to find one?
    Thanks in advance!?

  6. @d3fish3r3 thanks …
    @d3fish3r3 thanks alot man , i couldn’t really find? out the answer ..

  7. @CURISION …
    @CURISION Considering that you asked this 2months ago, Im assuming you’ve already found the answer to this. Althoughm, I will answer it anyways, just incase you havn’t found the answer or someone else has the same question. He is using an analog signal, so 255 is the number of points he can specify in the 5v. When he sets the variable? to 255, it uses all of the 5v, but when he sets it to, lets say 127, it only uses half of the volatage, thus running the motor at half speed.

  8. Man, I wish I could …
    Man, I wish I could type out programs like? regular english like youuu.

  9. When I’m confused, …
    When I’m confused, I? look up: Tutorial 01 for Arduino, then I go to the playlist which is related to the video

  10. Your voltage …
    Your voltage regulator was in? a TO-220 package…does the motor actually draw that much current?

  11. @sciguy14 225 as in …
    @sciguy14 225 as in rpm or what ? , and also please if? you can show me how to control multiple motors on an ardunio , i’m still a beginner ..:)

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