MINDS-i Robotics – The 6×6 Chassis

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We took this 6×6 robot platform out to the liberty lake ORV park. It was a blast. This 6×6 Chassis includes the dual motor case add-on kit. This add-on kit gives the 6×6 the extra power of both motors and as you can see, it is fast and powerful. We used two of our stock 23,500rpm motors, but any hobby brushed or brush-less motor can be used with this robotics kit. We also mounted a GoPro Hero HD and got some great on-board shots! At MINDS-I we make our kits open to all possibilities so you decide its limits and capabilities.

What can you build?

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4 responses to “MINDS-i Robotics – The 6×6 Chassis”

  1. mymindsiinc Avatar

    @kasunt That …
    @kasunt That sounds exciting. I can’t wait to? see what you’ll do with it. You’ll have to make a YouTube Video!

  2. kasunt Avatar

    @mymindsiinc Thanks …
    @mymindsiinc Thanks. I shall eagerly wait for the sensor board. Ive got a custom made AVR controller to control low level hardware with? a gumstrix on top. so would love to try slam on this baby.

  3. mymindsiinc Avatar

    @kasunt Good …
    @kasunt Good Question. MINDS-i was built for SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)! We are currently working on on a micro controller/sensor add on kit. The motor case in this system is compatible with almost any hobby motor(see website: mymindsi.com, click? on products, electronics, motors and speed controllers ).Most Micro controllers should also work with MINDS-i. The Arduino Uno, PCS robotics micro controllers work, as well as Parallax Propeller and Vex’s just to name a few.

  4. kasunt Avatar

    Hi im looking for a …
    Hi im looking for a rugged platform to do SLAM and to build a autonomous system. How easily can you control the motors on your system ? And what sort of motor controller does it come? with ?

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