Spiderman Movie Spider-man FUNNY Toy Review Mike Mozart

Spiderman Robotic toy in a FUNNY Parody TOY Review by Michael Mozart the Toy Guru of JeepersMedia. This is a totally robotic Figure of The Incredible Spiderman Spider Man from the Movie Spiderman 3. I was very impressed by the Cheap $30.00 price of this Robotic Remote Control Spider Man Toy as you will see in the video.
Hi……Thank You for watching my Funny Toy and Product Review videos! I am Michael Mozart, Your Toy and Product review Guru of JeepersMedia Jeepers Media.

I will be reviewing Lots more Web Shooting and Spiderman Games and Other Cool Spider-Man toys too!

Duration : 0:2:36

25 thoughts on “Spiderman Movie Spider-man FUNNY Toy Review Mike Mozart

  1. Why did they make? …
    Why did they make? him in a “Taking a dump” pose? xDDDDD

  2. TIME FOR A …
    TIME FOR A KNOCKDOWN!!! SPIDER STYLE!!! *falls* Derp? :L Love that.

  3. i already knew …
    i already knew about those things. i have a few issues of “friendly? neighborhood spiderman” that had tons of ads of spiderman products in them, includoing that.

  4. Please watch:
    My …

    Please watch:
    My Unique Spider? Robot
    Click “francisdaimler”

  5. @TheQwerty45566 Wow …
    @TheQwerty45566 Wow… Do you even know how to correctly respond to a comment…? What’s your problem pal…? ?

  6. mike mozart you are …
    mike mozart you are awesome you find things that others can’t see and turn them into humour carry on making videos and reveling toy companys for what they? are.

  7. lol i thought he …
    lol i thought he was being serious until i saw the pop up about him? being arcastic

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