3-Servo Walking Robot – The Latest in Hobby Robotics

How do you make a walking biped robot, with only 3 servos? In this episode of The Latest in Hobby Robotics, Frits Lyneborg from letsmakerobots.com shows you his inventive way of doing just that.

The programs used the robot on the video can be downloaded here: letsmakerobots.com/?node/?29379

Tools needed are just very basics, like saw, drill, ruler etc.

Materials are the 3 servos, some wood (4 paint sticks), hot glue, a couple of screws and some thread locking fluid. The servos are controlled by an AXE230, and batteries are used as balancing weight.

You can use either 3 “normal” batteries, or 4 rechargeable, you just need somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5 volts.

You can adjust the the height of the batteries, and there are several parameters to adjust in the programming code as well, to make your robot walk well.

You can also port the simple code to any other micro controller of your choise, and add sensors, arms and more to your own robot.

If you have never build a robot before, the best place to start is probably here: letsmakerobots.com/?start

Duration : 0:5:57

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