Tutorial 06 for Arduino: Serial Communication and Processing

Serial.flush() has changed in Arduino 1.0. You can use this instead:

You can download the parts list, code, and schematics from this episode on my website:

Tutorial 6 for Arduino: Serial Comm and Processing

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25 responses to “Tutorial 06 for Arduino: Serial Communication and Processing”

  1. 2BeN3 Avatar

    @sciguy14? Thanks a …
    @sciguy14? Thanks a lot. Your videos have been really helpful btw!

  2. sciguy14 Avatar

    @2BeN3 See? video …
    @2BeN3 See? video description.

  3. sciguy14 Avatar

    @555262 The …
    @555262 The serialEvent() is called whenever serial data is collected. It’s kind of? like an interrupt

  4. sciguy14 Avatar

    @tomd966 Yes, …
    @tomd966 Yes, you’ll need to use a jumper or switch so the arduino? is listening to the computer

  5. tpthatsme Avatar

    @2BeN3 I am having …
    @2BeN3 I am having the same problem with the Serial.flush(); command. Anyone know? why?

  6. 2BeN3 Avatar

    I found this on the …
    I found this on the Arduino site…

    Waits? for the transmission of outgoing serial data to complete. (Prior to Arduino 1.0, this instead removed any buffered incoming serial data.)

    Has something changed since this video was posted?

  7. 2BeN3 Avatar

    Serial.flush doesnt …
    Serial.flush doesnt seem to work…? anyone have? any idea? Thanks

  8. steveoondyou Avatar

    very good videos, …
    very good videos, this is helpful? stuff for sure. good audio, that’s important.

  9. powerwingman Avatar

    Can? you only use …
    Can? you only use tx and rx pins

  10. 555262 Avatar

    Hi, every time the …
    Hi, every time the input updates the draw() is called, and serialEvent() called after that .. right ? but that raises a question.. how come the serialEvent() is called after draw? .. Please explain . thx .

  11. MrJa1l Avatar

    can´t you just tell …
    can´t you just tell it it´s a? char?

  12. bhadz1723 Avatar

    Does anyone have …
    Does anyone have VB.NET code to read data input from? a USB weight scale?
    I have a scale that connects to my PC via serial. When an item is placed on the
    scale, the weight is displayed in a textbox .
    I am trying to emulate this in my own custom application using the same scale.

  13. 013dirtdiver Avatar

    can I press a …
    can I press a button on the? arduino to get a sound (note) from the computer
    (I’m trying to make a laser harp)

  14. Rk17 Avatar

    How can I send …
    How can I send chars like 100 to arduino and get 100 back?

    If I do it like this I get 1, 0 and? the last 0 back separetly!

    So how can I get arduino to understand hundreds and tens?

    >>same question for me jeremy. can you please do a tutorial? for this, it would be extremely helpful tnx! love your videos btw! keep it up!

  15. tomd966 Avatar

    Thank you very much …
    Thank you very much for these tutorials, they’ve taught me a lot.
    If I’m plugging an? RFID reader into the rx pin on the uno, when programming would I use serial differently to ensure it communicates with the rx pin and not with the computer??

  16. FergusB3 Avatar

    Hey Jeremy, great …
    Hey Jeremy, great video, was very helpful in my arduino project. I was wondering if you have any idea how to use processing to make the pc think a button on its keyboard or mouse was clicked. I’ve already used a? tilt sensor to move the cursor

  17. 123456789robbie Avatar

    great, …
    great, comprehensive instructions, clear instruction and great exlpaination of the parts of the programming.? awesome work.

  18. FutureInventions Avatar

    @hugosdominoes If …
    @hugosdominoes If I’m not mistaken, you need to your? a char array.

  19. jkoppp267 Avatar

    How can you send …
    How can you send multi-digit numbers over? serial? For example if you wanted to control the brightness of an led through the serial monitor how would you make the arduino interpret 255 as 255 and not 2, 5 and 5?

  20. hugosdominoes Avatar

    How can? I send …
    How can? I send chars like 100 to arduino and get 100 back?
    If I do it like this I get 1, 0 and the last 0 back separetly!
    So how can I get arduino to understand hundreds and tens?

  21. agentEE7 Avatar

    where can I find a …
    where can I find a reference? for the processing library?

  22. Andy0n7 Avatar

    4 people …
    4 people programmed? his? arduino wrongly

  23. Andy0n7 Avatar

    2 people? …
    2 people? programmed their arduino wrongly

  24. Andy0n7 Avatar

    2 people programmed …
    2 people programmed his arduino wrongly ?

  25. Bryan7346 Avatar

    I’m wondering if …
    I’m wondering if anyone on here could take a look at a few lines of code that I have written. I am trying to just make sure a small video camera stay on and stay recording, I am going to put it in a weather balloon. I believe it to be very simple code (to someone who? know what theyre doing) but I have had some trouble with the REC button working. I have sent Jeremy Blum a msg? directly via FB but he never responded. Please respond to this post if ur interested or email bryan246@gmail.com thanx

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