Facebook Tetris Battle Bot – 51 seconds

Made this for fun and learning purposes only. I was a bit disappointed that the game (or maybe Flash) can’t handle faster keypresses, the bot could really play a lot faster than that. It is possible to run it faster, but if one key is not recognized the game is pretty much over. The best time I got with it was 47 seconds, but didn’t manage to record it. The algorithm could probably be improved a bit, but I’m pretty satisfied with this result.

Bot made with AutoIt v3. Took me around 10 hours to finish, and 960 lines of code.
The song is Ultima C – So Live

Duration : 0:2:34

[youtube 0a2cZ2aHp4w]

25 thoughts on “Facebook Tetris Battle Bot – 51 seconds

  1. on my channel I …
    on my channel I have a video with a link to a tetris battle bot, that really works :)?

  2. Can i get the …
    Can i get the download link? i? have to beat my teacher in school 😀

  3. Awesomeness! \m/ …
    Awesomeness! \m/ Can you send me? the download link? 🙂
    Subbed ;;) Thanks.

  4. /watch?v= …

    Type that after Youtube .? com !

    Real Working One

  5. This is just the …
    This is just the same old copied video..? I’ve made my own bot, which is available here, along with a virus scan: /watch?v=E_xMna_X6pg

  6. He fastforwarded …
    He fastforwarded this video. You thought that this bot can? do it MUCH MORE MORE FASTER? Lol no!

  7. this is probably …
    this is probably going to go into the ether? never to be seen again..

    but yeah, I too would like to see the code for this. Not so much for the bot itself, but just to learn how to interact with a GUI (which is not meant for machine interaction).

    but I have a feeling that the author isn’t much in the mood for sharing..

  8. Can you please? …
    Can you please? send me a download link dood :)? Subbed.

    – Need to beat my friends in school.

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