How to: GPS + Arduino

: The PMB-248

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  1. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @harshvardhanvaidya …
    @harshvardhanvaidya nope, not at all. I’ve tried this, and some GPS modules? will only update when they detect some serious movement. The cheaper ones will give you a scattering of coordinates around your location. let me know if you ever do find a gps that sensitive though!

  2. harshvardhanvaidya Avatar

    Hi can you tell me …
    Hi can you tell me if the GPS is sensitive enough to track a small robot movement which might be? withing only few feets…

  3. ScienceTutorials Avatar

    Im ready …

    Im ready to make this and throw? it into north pole!

  4. kc9fjb Avatar

    Good video none? …
    Good video none? the less though! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. kc9fjb Avatar

    Just to let you …
    Just to let you know since you mentioned it in the video, the whole #? of channels that a gps module has, is kind of a gimmick by manufacturers. I’ve seen ones with 66 channels. You’d think that’s great, but there are only 24 gps satellites in orbit. And with their positions around the planet, even with the best lock-on, you’ll only ever be able to “see” 12 of them. So for most people that are out there looking for gps modules, I’d look at power consumption and accuracy rather than channels.

  6. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @MrPraveev not too …
    @MrPraveev not too sure… I usually just receive data, never? transmit. sorry

  7. MrPraveev Avatar

    yea. i finally …
    yea. i finally figured that out. another question i had was how can i get the gps to display only the RMC sentence using the NMEA query command. I typed? $PSRF103, 04, 01, 00, 01*25 and the gps didn’t respond. Do you have an idea?

  8. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @MrPraveev their is …
    @MrPraveev their is something in the NMEA data string for that. Can’t remember it off the top of my head, but its in their… something like status valid You could also use the number of satellites for a lock indicator, might be easier to implement ?

  9. MrPraveev Avatar

    nice video!! How …
    nice video!! How can i check if the gps got a lock or not? I? want to start displaying only after reading the lock.

  10. atomikrobot300099 Avatar

    Thanks, im thinking …
    Thanks, im thinking of building a gps guided rc car for a senior? high school physics project (was going to try a plane, but not enough space for it and want to keep it fairly low budget). This is really going to help me out, im going to try to code it myself. Thanks!

  11. VerifyHistory Avatar

    Great video.? It’s …
    Great video.? It’s well put. Much appreciated.

  12. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @XXwikkiXX that …
    @XXwikkiXX that would? be cool! I have no idea… go for it!

  13. XXwikkiXX Avatar

    hey i was wondering …
    hey i was wondering is there any way u can connect the gps with the arduino and then install the wifi shield on it….and? make it connect to a wifi router so that it can send its gps data to the router????

    btw very nice vid ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @qettyz thanks!! …
    @qettyz thanks!! hope it helped!?

  15. qettyz Avatar

    Very nice video, …
    Very nice video, thanks for uploading? this!

  16. rockangel1967 Avatar


  17. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @ …
    @russelljenkinsfearn thanks!! good luck, its? the best feeling to watch that NMEA data fly down the screen!!

  18. russelljenkinsfearn Avatar

    Very nicely …
    Very nicely explained.
    I’ll let you knwo? if I get mine going!”

  19. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @hiredman not …
    @hiredman not really, If you’re module has a sirf-star chipset, you can download a program to change settings on it. I really haven’t tried making any commands to the? module, but that is a good point, since these things can kill a battery

  20. hiredman Avatar

    After …

    After several trys that produced gibberish especially. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I just started looking at your other? GPS projects – do you get into controlling the GPS unit at all? My applications are more hiking oriented so I need fewer waypoints (and more battery life) so I would like to sleep the GPS and gets reads every X minutes instead. Thanks for all the work.

  21. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @hiredman yea, it …
    @hiredman yea, it feels good when you see those strings of NMEA data? flying across the screen!

  22. hiredman Avatar

    Thanks for this – …
    Thanks for this – simple code that got the data from my 648 out to the screen. W00t! My microsd breakout board? gets here in a couple days and then I’ll work on logging my data. Thanks again!

  23. kdarrah1234 Avatar

    @alejandroengineer …
    If the little red LED isn’t lighing up or blinking, you’ve got a? problem. Give the guys at parallax a call right away. They are actually really good with tech support. It sounds like you might have a dud. One way to check this out would be to hook the “TX” of the GPS to the “TX” of the arduino, then open up the serial port at 4800bps, and have a look at whats coming out of it, make sure you are using the TTL TX!!

  24. alejandroengineer Avatar

    I have one of these …
    I have one of these PMB-248 GPS modules, but the led wouldn’t? light up, and the program won’t work on it.

  25. sletanl Avatar

    Very? good!
    Very? good!

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