All-New ASIMO by Honda Robotics

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– Running at 9 km/h (00:00)

– Hopping on One Leg (fixed point) (00:22)

– Hopping on One Leg (circular motion) (01:38)

– Hopping on Two Legs (circular motion) (02:55)

– Kicking a Ball (04:18)

Duration : 0:5:1





13 responses to “All-New ASIMO by Honda Robotics”

  1. SiliconeSlave Avatar

    It’s amazing how …
    It’s amazing how the other foot? is completely stationary while he hops on the other, like only a robot can do 🙂

  2. MrKAFUCKable Avatar

    @darkchamp777 On …
    @darkchamp777 On your 31st birthday will be the bitch? that is going to jump out of your cake…Impressive!! 🙂

  3. gaijinlaw Avatar

    @bluepawn Then …
    @bluepawn Then SkyNet will achieve? sentience.

  4. darkchamp777 Avatar

    I remember I first …
    I remember I first see asimo when I was? like 11 and now I’m 21 . Impressive

  5. dfhoho Avatar

    @cusbrar1 “toe” …
    @cusbrar1 “toe” motor has any effect all motors must read what is happening and respond accordingly, arms for example,these are serious calculations just for one set? of motors,”arms”, so if all motors work together i would only assume that they would need double cpu speed or more cpu’s for the balance alone, they are using somewhat new tech “digital gyroscope” which is what creates balance , feet are flat so balance is easy, with “toes” is more difficult .

  6. gweems828 Avatar


  7. lightandbeautiful Avatar

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  8. cusbrar1 Avatar

    @dfhoho Why do you …
    @dfhoho Why do you expect it will increase processor? usage? I would expect it to somewhat but not all that much unless they code the algorithm terribly.

  9. ghopower Avatar

    çal??an adamlar her …
    çal??an adamlar her zaman kazan?r.Robotu gördükçe insan heves ediyor.

  10. dfhoho Avatar

    almost there !! now …
    almost there !! now they? need to quantify the “toe lift”of coarse you may realize we jump using ours toes for optimal jump distance, this would mean collaborating the shin motors to create equilibrium and not toss Asimo off. this will not be easy as it will increase cpu usage considerably.

  11. IdiotTv Avatar

    Ok, now I totally …
    Ok, now I totally want? one.

  12. NewAgeDirector Avatar

    Great video? keep …
    Great video? keep up the good work.

  13. bluepawn Avatar

    In the future they …
    In the future they will work for us and can build and repair themself !?

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