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Here’s my version of interface metal – it’s very similar to many others out there but it works! Anyways I hope you like the tutorial, if you want to know any settings then just 720p it 🙂

Mesh pattern:–a-cool-mesh-pattern-

Enjoy the video,
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Duration : 0:11:38

[youtube kmu2QiQogoI]

25 thoughts on “Interface Tutorial | robot

  1. can you show us how …
    can you show us how to make the Facebook and Twitter backgrounds? for partnered YT backgrounds.

  2. when you? needed …
    when you? needed more of the mesh and you selected it, after selection what did you press to get a copy of it and how did you invert

  3. @RevealDesigns No …
    @RevealDesigns No problem man. If you? need a torrent for it just message me and ill send you one.

  4. could u pls do a …
    could u pls do a tutorial on ur banner like the circles how to give them a nice? look like urs

  5. Thanks for the Help …
    Thanks for the Help i2obot!? You are a very good teacher. Easy to understand and great at explaining things.

  6. hey can anyone help …
    hey can anyone help me see, the template robot has on this video see how the all the way on top theres alot of space above the template when i try to upload this kind of? template, my bg doesnt coem out right, the video and all the modules like dont fit, please any some help me please

  7. Isn’t it odd how I …
    Isn’t it odd how I like your vids before I even watch? them? Hrmm.

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