Bad Robot Productions – Intro Recreation

Bad Robot is my favorite company – founded by J.J. Abrams and standing behind Super 8, Lost, Star Trek or the newest Mission Impossible. The Robot was modeled in 3ds max, everything was put together in After Effects. Thanks for watching!

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The robot was modeled in 3ds max solely from various photo references, the materials used were very simple – basic material with noise in the bump map and some silver, yellow and black matte materials for the eyes, the helix thing on the top of his head and eyebrows. Pflow simulation was used for the grass. After rendering the ambient occlusion pass, I put everything together in Adobe After Effects CS5 – color correction, directional blur for the robot and other adjustments like contrast and levels.

I hope you like the result

Created by Jesse Pitela

Duration : 0:1:11

[youtube wKa56-7LDUg]

25 thoughts on “Bad Robot Productions – Intro Recreation

  1. I really love? this …
    I really love? this trailer with the kids voice…… great adorable job, no words to express. 🙂

  2. @mossmon? haha yeah …
    @mossmon? haha yeah, I think they got rid of that even in the official version.

  3. im? glad you didnt …
    im? glad you didnt add that super annoying “bad robot” noise the child says.

  4. Ten obrázek potom ” …
    Ten obrázek potom “Bad Jeese” je perfektní.. I model, to teda klobouk dol?, co se? mi trochu nezdá jsou materiály na robotovi. Ty by šli ješt? dost vyladit (p?idat odlesky, rez, aby vypadal trošku omšele atd.)

  5. @JessePitela AO …
    @JessePitela AO passes are not supposed to take that long especially looking at the length of the clip, did you remove? all lights etc as AO does not require light to process other wise good job. 🙂

  6. @cwstout7 Those are …
    @cwstout7 Those are simple textures that can be done in? any program

  7. Good work my lord,? …
    Good work my lord,? we are royally impressed at your accomplishment!

  8. @matthhw11221 Hard …
    @matthhw11221 Hard to say how long in total, the ambient? occlusion pass took about 2 hours, the grass took some time too. Other than that it was pretty manageable. Thanks!

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