Battlebots S3:- Minion vs Ogre

Battlebots season 3 SuperHeavyweight match

Duration : 0:5:15





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  1. flracing84 Avatar

    This was? one of my …
    This was? one of my favorite shows!!!

  2. gersh311 Avatar

    minion would be an …
    minion would be an even tougher force to recon with. Lets say put one extra saw blade in and even tougher metal armor. You know if you have the? money the skies the limit with what you can to with these bots.

  3. gersh311 Avatar

    I find minion to be …
    I find minion to be such an incredible robot and this bot is probably one of the most expensive bots to build they said they put $20,000.00 into building Minion wow. For 20K you can buy a new car so they must be really into tobots and have deep pockets. I like the design of minion it seems cooler then Nighter wich is preety? cool but I wonder who would win in a matchoff between minion and nightmare. Do they ever make any improvements to minion cause for lets say double the investment say $40,000

  4. IDowney1988 Avatar

    IMO I? think the …
    IMO I? think the score should have been 23-22 for Ogre.

  5. ThePsu9211 Avatar

    i think damage is …
    i think damage is what made the fight.? Minion did a decent amount of damage to ogre where all ogre did was push minion around

  6. seanMmaguire1 Avatar

    Why does Minion …
    Why does Minion have Magic the Gathering on it?
    Hell Ive seen brands on other bots too is that a regular? occurance in Battle Bots?

  7. theHalNineThousand Avatar

    2:12 – 2:22 the …
    2:12 – 2:22 the dance of death?

  8. KnuxMaster Avatar

    i? miss minion’s …
    i? miss minion’s speed…

  9. Logansfarm Avatar

    ogre? if from my …
    ogre? if from my home town yay

  10. shellysabin123 Avatar

    1:50 why 3d was …
    1:50 why 3d was invented also RIP? Slam Cam

  11. shellysabin123 Avatar

    1:50 why 3d? was …
    1:50 why 3d? was invented

  12. Corechase Avatar

    minion had some …
    minion had some damage done to him by ogre, his spikes pierced the tired guards and his lost his belt when he ran into the piston
    i would have given the fight to ogre but i love minion, but he was so deadly in season one with just his speed and? a wedge

    look what it did to doall 😛

  13. mentalrectangle Avatar

    @BellyLover06 In …
    @BellyLover06 In Las Vegas? ’99, Minion got first place with the saw. I posted an exhibition match of Minion fighting Diesector around season 2, and you get to see it used, although briefly.

  14. Efreeti Avatar

    Ogre looked the …
    Ogre looked the winner? to me.

  15. BellyLover06 Avatar

    @josefookes So? …
    @josefookes So? they’re terrible for lacking weapons? Minion got 2nd place in this tourny and 1st place in Season 1 and if you say he lost to robots worse than he was, you haven’t seen the superheavyweight Vladiator.

  16. BellyLover06 Avatar

    @admtm24 Minion …
    @admtm24 Minion never really got a chance to use that version of his saw because it was destroyed by Grey Matter in Season 1 and it caused him? to drive up the wall and flip from Atomic Wedgie’s attack in Season 2.

  17. josefookes Avatar

    let me get this …
    let me get this straight, this is the superheavywights and the only weapons were a wedge and saw on? minion and 5 spikes on ogre?? god they suck

  18. XXXIRXXX Avatar

    WOW! DID U? SEE …
    WOW! DID U? SEE THAT?!!!

  19. Firestorm2900 Avatar

    @Gavin17259 My …
    @Gavin17259 My guess is, Minion was going to try and score either some damage points or just tear out exposed tires.

    Shoving matches are good, but if? your opponent is missing a panel and you’re not, that’s more points for you.

  20. Demanufactur3r Avatar

    Minion? <33333
    Minion? <33333

  21. Gavin17259 Avatar

    If the wedge is …
    If the wedge is Minion’s main weopon then why are their initial tactics to hit their opponants with their blade? Surely if their wedge and pushing power are their main weapons then they would use them from the start instead? I’m? not saying you’re wrong, i’m just a little confused that’s all.

  22. ShaggySixx Avatar

    A great fight, you …
    A great fight, you have to admit. I’ve never seen anyone shove? Minion around like that.

  23. MartianBuddy88 Avatar

    I always thought …
    I always thought the SlamCam was stupid. It’s cool to see a straight? up view but nine times out of ten it gets knocked out anyway.

  24. ResettisReplicas Avatar

    Almost right. It …
    Almost right. It did cost 20k, but not all of it came out of Carlsberg’s pocket. See how it has Magic the? Gathering logos all over it? It’s sponsored by Wizards of the Coast, who provided most of the funds.

  25. Jerry11606 Avatar

    lots of people ( …
    lots of people (including the driver) seem to not understand that the saw isnt minions main weapon! its its? wedge and power(or lack of in this fight)

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