Robotic Roommates Shopping for and Preparing Bavarian Breakfast

In the first part of the video below, you can see TUM-James, a PR2 Beta Programm robot, and TUM-Rosie cooperatively preparing the traditional Bavarian Weisswurst Frühstück (Bavarian Sausage Breakfast). TUM-Rosie is collecting the sausages, putting them into the pot with boiling water, waiting for them to be cooked and, finally, finding and getting them out of the pot into the serving bowl. TUM-James is meanwhile slicing the french baguette using a regular electric bread slicer and in the end serving the sausages and the bread to the class of highly regarded roboticists.
In the second part of the video, TUM-James is shown simulating the shopping task, bringing the groceries home and placing them to the places they are meant to be stored in.
It uses 3D perception algorithms from PCL in order to detect object candidates in the storage rack and ODUfinder system to recognize them. Grasping and manipulation
of the shopping basket is done using James’s haptic capabilities. Finally, to infer where do the objects belong to, TUM-James queries KnowRob system and computes the maximum WUP similarity (aka relatedness) to the other objects in the kitchen’s ontology.

By Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group at Technische Universität München

See the long and annotated versions of the video here:

“Marbert Rocel: Cornflake Boy (Solomun Vocal Remix)
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Video and editing: Michael Karg ( )

Duration : 0:1:28

25 thoughts on “Robotic Roommates Shopping for and Preparing Bavarian Breakfast

  1. Hahahaha through …
    Hahahaha through our intelligence and creativity we men won´t need women no more . We will have cookbots for making our meals , a cleanbot for cleaning our rooms and even a fembot for sexual pleasure 😀 hahhahaha . Women? women .

  2. If Bruno Mars’ ” …
    If Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song” is to? be remixed, these robots really fit in the music video 🙂

  3. @gregorstuhlbein …
    @gregorstuhlbein now did it ever? occur to you ever learning that you dont get paid for sitting your at home doing nothing?

  4. @rivlean8
    Did it …

    Did it ever occur to people that not having a job might be a good thing, at least
    when most work is done by robots? for them?

  5. @TheSlackerboy and …
    @TheSlackerboy and in 20 years we humans gona have no more job
    probably in 40 years they gona have robots to? our womens for hours instead of us doing it lol

  6. @rivlean8 I …
    @rivlean8 I strongly suspect they will be cooking fast food long before they are cooking for the rich, they seem to be perfectly suited to small simple menus.

    I fear fast food jobs will become mostly robotic? within 10 years.

  7. So we’ll have YOU …
    So we’ll have YOU GUYS to blame when the robots take over the world.

    Eh.? Worth it.

  8. this is? what you …
    this is? what you get when you invest tax money into education instead of military

  9. slow or? not, in 10 …
    slow or? not, in 10 years these robots gona cook dinner for rich ppl
    and in 20-30 gona be everywhere for every1

  10. how much was the …
    how much was the video in original size? 20 Minutes? *NO OFFENCE SKYNET*?

  11. @iasTUMUNICH: …
    @iasTUMUNICH: There’s obviously a limit to how fast the robots could perform such a task. How fast do you think these robots could complete this task (ignoring cooking? time)? What what would be the limiting factors? I know that the arms used in Rosie have good dynamic properties (high bandwidth), but I tend to think of the PR2 (James) as very clumsy (stiff and slow). However, I’m guessing that the dynamics of the robots are not one of the limiting factors yet.

  12. I wonder when will …
    I wonder when will robots be capable of producing more complex dishes and also? be available for mass production 🙂

  13. why are they …
    why are they wasting their time with robots that? shop for you? people do that for fun. make me a robot that cleans my bathroom for me, and does my laundry. now that would be a useful technology!

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