Robot Wars Minibot Arena Playset Toy Review

S4E03 Review of the Minibot arena off of robot wars. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. FireFlames56 Avatar

    @ …
    @tazzmaniandevilboy42 sounds in better condition than mine. I snapped off two? dominator axes, 1 razer crusher, 1 1/2 sir k arms and one refbot arm. ๐Ÿ™

  2. TheMojo88 Avatar

    i have a basket of …
    i have a basket of minibots and? the arena

  3. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @cocoapuffdog4 no …
    @cocoapuffdog4 no the original came with chaos 2 and the re-release came with wheely big? cheese, suicidal tendencies and domiator 2

  4. cocoapuffdog4 Avatar

    Does it? come with …
    Does it? come with any house robots?

  5. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @123girlsandboys …
    @123girlsandboys sorry but like i said in? the video it has more sentimental value to me. Try ebay.

  6. 123girlsandboys Avatar

    van i buy it off? …
    van i buy it off? you & if yes how much

  7. tazzmaniandevilboy42 Avatar

    I remember getting …
    I remember getting mine for christmas when i was about 5 and i still have it now! My arena’s box had a diffrent design and it came with Dominator, Wheely Big Cheese and Suicidal Tendencies. Even though i already had WBC and ST ( Chuckles ) oh well. And you kept you mini bots in good condition all mine are battered and bruised some of the paint coming off and? Dominators axe is bent but i still play with them no matter what they are like

  8. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @reecebyrne2010 ur? …
    @reecebyrne2010 ur? welcome!

  9. reecebyrne2010 Avatar

    thanks for? the …
    thanks for? the link man great review

  10. A9132robotwars Avatar

    Good review! ๐Ÿ˜€ I …
    Good review! ๐Ÿ˜€ I still have mine but for the love of god it’s almost dead! lol! The stickers are peeled, the side walls are bent out of shape, BOTH the pit and floor flipper broke so I had to remove them. It’s? a wreck. But am I going to get rid of it? NO! Too many memories of a great show and a great childhood! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. adam27362 Avatar

    @votesaxon07 yes …
    @votesaxon07 yes you said on my channel you were making the house robots?

  12. huckool Avatar

    Dominator is …
    Dominator is definitely my favourite minibot (as shown in this video), simply because of the moveable axe. If you pull it back and let it crash into something, sometimes it’ll cause the axe to fire on its own, which is a really cool affect.
    I got all the Minibots from ebay in late? 2009 (when I was 23), really filled a gap from my teenagehood. Had two RC RW toys too, but my Dad broke one. >:(

  13. huckool Avatar

    Just to add (hate …
    Just to add (hate this 500 character limit), though the arena is brilliant, sadly the minibots themselves aren’t as great. The earlier releases are dissapointingly static, which means a lot of imagination is required when it? comes to bots with flippers and spinning discs etc. (Wild Thing’s (a later model) spinning disc moves, but Hypno-Disc’s (original model) doesn’t)…

  14. huckool Avatar

    Awesome review. …
    Awesome review. This is why I’ve made so much stop motion with the Minibots set, because the arena and bots just go together so perfectly, and is sadly? now the closest thing to replicating the original Robot Wars (it should definitely have a Gladiators style comeback).
    To all you viewers, please check out my numerous Minibot Wars stop motion tournaments on my channel (this video is a ‘response’ to my first one).
    Will you be reviewing all the Minibots themselves?

  15. CMDRKillsalot Avatar

    I? miss Robot Wars, …
    I? miss Robot Wars, especially when Jeremy Clarkson was the host. O_O

  16. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @adam27362? house …
    @adam27362? house robots???

  17. adam27362 Avatar

    great? review hows …
    great? review hows the house robots getting on?

  18. madpsycho6 Avatar

    I’ve got? all the …
    I’ve got? all the minibots

  19. SuperRichi1A Avatar

    OMG! I ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THESE WHEN I WAS SMALL!! I remember getting something like it for my birthday once, but it was a smaller version, with? no springed features, with tiny little robots that didn’t do much.
    I’d stare at it in the Argos catalogue for hours, and I’d ask for it every Christmas and Birthday. I never got one :,(
    I once got a big remote control Killalot, which I would never tire of playing with.
    And… isn’t it so annoying when people just post comments JUST to be first?

  20. rayludo1 Avatar


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