Creating and Animating a Facial Control Rig in Face Robot – Part 1

Level: Intermediate
Recorded in: Softimage 2012 SP1
Scene files:
Description: Starting Out with Face Robot
This video is part 1 in an 8-part series.
It introduces you to the Face Robot tool in Autodesk Softimage, and gives an overview of the workflow for doing facial animation with it.
It also covers the modelling requirements you need to get started with Face Robot.

Duration : 0:8:11

[youtube qk53i5weYQI]

14 thoughts on “Creating and Animating a Facial Control Rig in Face Robot – Part 1

  1. @Rime247 glad …
    @Rime247 glad you’re enjoying the videos! (we like zombies too). we’re busy on some other projects right now, but hope to have the next? video in a few weeks.

  2. @SoftimageHowTos …
    @SoftimageHowTos Nice one! I was using? Bridge boundary points/edges and it was making a right old mess. Thanks a lot for that.

  3. LOL He use to be a …
    LOL He use to be a somewhat lazy,? slightly overweight country club employ, and now, he’s just a zombie. I love these tutorials! Thank You! keep them coming!

  4. @zangief Yep, only …
    @zangief Yep, only one hole at the neck is allowed.
    Click the Holes button on the Face tab on the Diagnostics panel (on stage 1). In the ppg that shows up, select one of the holes in this list – its edge is highlighted in red on the head model.
    In softimage, you can select the edges and add polygons to fill the hole (press N or use the Add/Edit Polygon? Tool.
    Or bring it back into your modelling software and fix it there, then reimport the head into FR.

  5. @gustavoeb
    you’re …

    you’re right – AceMastermind1 (a.k.a. Manny) did? a great job on converting those old videos to YouTube. some of the workflows (like the old particle system) don’t apply anymore, but there is still a good deal of information there that’s helpful.

  6. @xtro7 besides …
    @xtro7 besides Vimeo, you might also want to check this out AceMastermind1 ‘s youtube channel. A whole lot of stuff there. Also make sure you follow the Tutorials thread at? SI-Community, a lot of good stuff there also

  7. @xtro7
    yes, sadly …

    yes, sadly softimage doesn’t have a huge user base, so? there aren’t as many tutorials for it.
    we’ll keep posting here, but you might also want to check out vimeo for more free videos about softimage, especially ICE.

  8. Its awesome that …
    Its awesome that you keep posting this tutorials, there is so much potential in softimage, but so little information about it :(?

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