Sesame Street: Creepy toys, robots, and satellites

The name says it all: creepy mechanical wind-up toys (the EYES!), robots with alphabet blocks, and satellites spinning around planets from vintage Sesame Street. All to stick-in-your-head music. I think this clip is why I grew up with a lifelong fear of robots.

EDIT: This video must have been made sometime between 1981 (when the first shuttle was launched) and 1988 (when this tape was from). The mystery continues!

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  1. truthseek2002 Avatar

    now go watch the? …
    now go watch the? trailer for the new movie, The Woman in Black, how much do you want to be somebody got scared as a kid and pulled this out of thier subconsious.

  2. VanDaltonAudio Avatar

    Geek/engineering …
    Geek/engineering porno? at its finest. ;o)

  3. apl175 Avatar

    1:10 the robot arm …
    1:10 the robot arm manipulating blocks was part of the free AT&T Infoquest exhibit in New York City in the late 80s near? the intersection of 56th and Madison. Later this space was part of a Sony exhibit. Both the exhibition space and the neighboring atrium area are guaranteed public spaces for the lifetime of the building.

  4. stridercrowe Avatar

    as a kid the toys …
    as a kid the toys at the beginning I found somewhat creepy, but forgot all about them when I saw the cool looking? machines and space shuttle.

  5. rebrella Avatar

    Frightened? me when …
    Frightened? me when I was a kid. Now I love it.

  6. wonderfulmadcat Avatar

    I died.?
    I died.?

  7. moatguy Avatar

    I remember in …
    I remember in Australia when I was a kid the music to this? and the music on the rocket clock in old playschool which in Sesame Street and Playschool’s heyday were shown. First Sesame Street then Bananas in Pyjamas then Playschool. Today now that they’ve been moved around it’s just not good.

  8. thornmallow1 Avatar

    Wow! me too! I …
    Wow! me too! I hated robots for years,? This just reminded me of the museum of science and industry in Chicago. Ok yeah the silver robot is still scary. NO don’t touch my blocks!! Hey, I used to use those soda bottles.

  9. xXThatFurryVixenXx Avatar

    This song gives me …
    This song gives me the creeps bad! I used to love it on the rocket clock on playschool though.. Thenagen, I have a strange? fear of robots.. Add that to this music and bam! You’ve given me nightmares. Lol o_o

  10. robotmaker11 Avatar

    1:23 I never knew …
    1:23 I never knew they had put Heathkit Hero and Heathkit hero? jr. in this! Awesome! 😀

  11. DepthPerceptionPics Avatar

    When I was a child …
    When I was a child I thought, what this video in Sesame Street conveyed was how humans have come a long way in their inventions and technologies. To lifeless dolls and toys, to ones that wind up and move, then to robotics, and then ultimately space travel. What WOULD be scary is if they inculcated? a video of nuclear testing and the aftereffects of atom splitting and radiation poisoning.

  12. bearcattony Avatar

    Actually not too …
    Actually not too bad until? the last sequence with sparks, explosions, cymbals, rockets. That’s what scared me when I was little.

  13. johneastmond Avatar

    Ramshackle toy …
    Ramshackle toy sounds over NASA? space footage. LOL!

  14. jeffyoung60 Avatar

    This is great …
    This is great Sesame Street vignette.? I think it spooks some people in a delightful way because of the antique toys operating without a human child operator and it is all set in a dark background. This contributes to the so-called, ‘haunted house’ effect this vignette displays. If I could re-make this video, it would be only antique toys; no modern technology included. This would truly make for a haunted house, spooky effect.

  15. patthedrummer85 Avatar

    Like most? here, I …
    Like most? here, I was freaked out by this film. Great music though – definitely got a New Orleans-dixieland band feel to it.

  16. adamzanzie Avatar

    Out of all the …
    Out of all the things in this skit, what scared me the most when I was? a kid was that loud buzzer at 2:16

  17. ball3rinabab3 Avatar

    OMG I used to adore …
    OMG I used to adore this one! Thankyou so much for the? upload!

  18. Playgeer Avatar

    Guys – download? …
    Guys – download? here –

  19. jfwfreo Avatar

    Thats not Cassini,? …
    Thats not Cassini,? that’s Voyager.

  20. theHouseCat Avatar

    I remember this!! …
    I remember this!! This music was the same as the Play School “Rocket Clock” so when I? saw this, I was a little confused. And the robots… yeah they were a bit scary indeed.

  21. msbloweverythingup Avatar

    Is? it weird that i …
    Is? it weird that i like the creepy circus music in this??

  22. martinkhall Avatar

    Jesus? Christ, are …
    Jesus? Christ, are we sure this is an episode of Sesame Street and not Candle Cove?

  23. krupasex Avatar

    @dancepiglover the …
    @dancepiglover the closest thing? i could find was the inch worm by jack costanzo

  24. pedekiller Avatar

    ha i see cassini? …
    ha i see cassini? at the end, i guess back then it was only just launched too

  25. dancepiglover Avatar

    Where? could I get …
    Where? could I get this music?

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