How to make a robot in 13 minutes – Part 2 of 2

Full instructions, links to materials, and free software can be found on

Here is prt 1:

This is showing how easy it is to make a little robot. It is done in only 13 minutes.

– And for Google:
– How to make a robot
– How to build a robot

Duration : 0:8:42





23 responses to “How to make a robot in 13 minutes – Part 2 of 2”

  1. MrBerkeCelik Avatar

    and it cost? ?
    and it cost? ?

  2. fozzysoy Avatar

    dude please send me …
    dude please send me that code that is in video so mine can walk around without i need? to code it… :p

  3. jdargan Avatar

    Your demo is …
    Your demo is extremely cool, and I wanted to send a link to a teacher with a suggestion to show it to students, but? I can’t do that because of your risque joke. Is it possible to remove the joke?

  4. securezone Avatar

    the “F”uck? robot?
    the “F”uck? robot?

  5. tigre937 Avatar

    bro 1 question the …
    bro 1 question the programing thing? what program to use?and can i get the parts if i’m in central america

  6. ajiteshkuppa Avatar

    hey good job man .. …
    hey good job man ..
    can all these items can be found in india,madurai ??huh??

    i also learnt robotics
    but wanna? get permision form my parents to buy allthese items and for making it

    good job..

  7. ILUVZPOPCORN1710 Avatar

    my lmr package …
    my lmr package didn’t come with the three wires for? the ranging sensor, could I use feamale headers instead plaese help asap

  8. john295 Avatar

    it was looking at …
    it was looking at the camera…i thought it was a bit creepy….anyway that was awesome, might have to? try it someday

  9. qazxsw625 Avatar

    how do you connect …
    how do you connect the sharp if? there? wasn’t any cable that came with the lmr bundle?

  10. thatoneguy1020 Avatar

    @personman131 …
    @personman131 that’s? just my thing, i know how to spell dude…dood
    but i guess you never played disgaea =P

  11. MAGICatBEN Avatar

    how much does? that …
    how much does? that cost, also check out my channel

  12. josdewitte Avatar

    another thing you …
    another thing you should do is that you can open up the servo and throw the spring away ,,
    now there’s? a tiny block on a gear, if you can cut it of, your servo can move 360 degrees and runs more smoothly;P

  13. DoodleWizard1000 Avatar

    can u give it …
    can u give it commands like? gaurd something or do somthing

  14. learnmyname123 Avatar

    you should add …
    you should add another infrared thingy to the? front/bottom so its doesnt fall to its deasth

  15. ysayad1977 Avatar

    the more important …
    the more important thing,? chips programming, is not explained, it thus will good if u add another movie explaining this

  16. TheXDman999 Avatar

    0:10? he will eat …
    0:10? he will eat your soul!!!

  17. fabiuh991 Avatar

    the? robot has …
    the? robot has suicidal tendencies hahhah 7:08 xD

    great work

  18. thatoneguy1020 Avatar

    Isaac Asimov you …
    Isaac Asimov you for got the zeroth law haha : A robot may not injure humanity, or, through inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.

    but im sure F wouldnt cause some genocide

    but its good to know the program work for? mac i think i might buy the kit and the parts myself

    nice work dood!!

  19. Dlitz3 Avatar

    What? No music? on …
    What? No music? on this one=-)

  20. whitedemon30 Avatar


  21. carbonatedbrainsauce Avatar

    If anyone is having …
    If anyone is having trouble with? the link, remove the period at the end.

  22. Aegrim Avatar

    @risky330 make one? …
    @risky330 make one? 😉

  23. risky330 Avatar

    That Little Guy is? …
    That Little Guy is? so awesome 😀

    Wish I had one 🙁

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