Robot Arena II – My Bots – WFRTV Frightening Television

A quick vid made cheaply in fraps with my own custom Battle Bot. Frightening Television.

Frightening Television was concieved as an idea for an ominous hovering old 70’s style console TV set, complete with monster on the screen, and the electron gun inside having gone batshit crazy.

The whole thing itself comprises of….
-Clickbeetle’s hover attachments for mobility

– DSL 2.0 spinner discs for the colored electronn beams

– Star Wars Lightsaber attachments for the Electron Beams themselves

– My own customized version of the Speaker Add-On (I don’t remember if it was Darkpack 3.0 or DSL), I used the Sesame Street Backers credits from the 70’s for the music that plays out of the TV during the match.

– Cold Fusion battery, though I might change that to up the challenge.

Duration : 0:2:29

[youtube DZ09Hkb7E1g]

25 thoughts on “Robot Arena II – My Bots – WFRTV Frightening Television

  1. either, but its …
    either, but its better to get the disc. Plus the disc is cheaper. $5 on ebay

  2. WTF!!! i have robot …
    WTF!!! i have robot arena 2 and i cant make robots fly!!!!

    How do i make that!!!!

  3. Maybe because I’m …
    Maybe because I’m more interested in creating destruction than actually playing the game. Most of the modern games I’m more apt to fool with than actually play. I should post some of my Sims 2 and similar stuff, I really don’t use those games for their intended purpose, lol.

  4. Oh, and if you want …
    Oh, and if you want so badly to see parts flying everywhere, get Starcore 3.

  5. LOL, I’m a cheating …
    LOL, I’m a cheating cheater who cheats, and I’m not the least bit ashamed of it. I’m more into Robot Arena for destroying things, not really having true battles. Nothing is more amusing than building a robot capable of making parts fly everywhere.

  6. Nope, custom …
    Nope, custom components from the Firebeetle and Clickbeetle’s website.

  7. I bought RA2 a few …
    I bought RA2 a few years back. After a few years of building stock bots, I had found some one-line resources for fan-made parts and so fourth, and I started using them on my bots. I never saw a use for the hover engine when I built this thing, and had not a clue that it would work, but I got a pleasant surprise when I took it into the ring the first time.

  8. Where did you get …
    Where did you get that game? Frightening Television kicked thier butts!

  9. A hover engine made …
    A hover engine made by the Beetle Bros. (Firebeetle and Clickbeetle).

  10. This is’nt the only …
    This is’nt the only one with loads of oddball parts. I have a series of stock ones (usually the same designs I’ve had for years that I keep improving on), but they are not up here yet because I have not had the time to record them.

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