Intro to Robotics Class
May 2012

Howie Choset’s class isn’t all fun and games. Sure, these robots are fighting to push the other one out of the ring and, yes, there is screaming and swearing, but a lot more goes into building a battle bot than meets the eye.

A sample of the topics covered from the class syllabus:


Edge Detection
Image Interpretation and ENS

Mobility – (mobile robot platforms)

Inertial Navigation Systems

Graph Search

Controls (and encoders)

Motion Planning

Potential Functions
Cell Decompositions

Sensing and Sensors

Human Robot Interaction

Forward and Inverse Kinematics

Transformation Matrices

Inverse Kinematics

Geometric methods
Algebraic methods

Non-holonomic constraints

Duration : 0:1:54

[youtube WBo9PwUeAog]

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  1. This is some of the …
    This is some of the NERDIEST? I’ve ever seen lmao! AWESOME!

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