Tutorial 14 for Arduino: Holiday Lights and Sounds Spectacular!

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Watch all of the videos in this series here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=A567CE235D39FA84

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25 responses to “Tutorial 14 for Arduino: Holiday Lights and Sounds Spectacular!”

  1. skoushik333 Avatar

    Awesome video.Loved …
    Awesome video.Loved the way you showed the sine function!.. btw, what’s the? music name at the beginning, which appears in all your arduino tutorials?

  2. lennyhome Avatar

    I don’t understand …
    I don’t understand what you mean? by “being an evasive twat”. It’s not my fault is you don’t understand this electronics thing. Do you want me to lecture you via youtube comments? I’m not going to.

  3. poruatokin Avatar

    How? about you …
    How? about you simply stop being an evasive twat

  4. kf7tkj Avatar

    So no? more …
    So no? more tutorials after this?

    They were great sorry to see them go!

  5. lennyhome Avatar

    Start by looking …
    Start by looking for “rc circuit” on Wikipedia. Read some reputable books. HAM radio operators learning material is good stuff. User “nptelhrd” (it’s an indian university) has some really good electronics courses.? Get LTSpice (it’s a free circuit simulator). Look for application notes and datasheets from manufacturers. Eventually you’ll get it.

  6. poruatokin Avatar

    Instead of being? …
    Instead of being? evasive and cryptic why don’t you specify the “issues”. Jeremy has done a fantastic job here with these tutorials and you sit in the peanut gallery tossing in criticism without explanations.

    I am learning here so I would love to know if there is a better solution….well is there?? Maybe you could post them in your otherwise empty channel.

  7. x2Jiggy Avatar

    This video …
    This video tutorial? series has been incredibly helpful. Thanks for your efforts.

  8. rambodrahmani Avatar

    why did you stop …
    why did you stop making? video tutorials?

  9. astroboomboy Avatar

    Could you? make a …
    Could you? make a video where you make a midi-controller, and also how you can control the arduino with midi-out? That would be a great tutorial, I think a lot of musicians would be interested in that. Overall, great tutorials, very clear and concise.

  10. contrist0 Avatar

    Glad you keep it …
    Glad you keep it simple ๐Ÿ™‚ wife gave? me the go ahead on getting a uno starter kit next week! Been watching your vids in my cube at lunch!

  11. dangersdnb Avatar

    great tutorials, I …
    great tutorials, I have been? watching every episode over the past week or so, but seen them all now ๐Ÿ™ please bring out some more lol

  12. lennyhome Avatar

    It’s not about me …
    It’s not about me liking or disliking your circuit. In the schematics at about 5:00 in? your video you have an op-amp followed by a parallel RC circuit. And there are other issues too but I guess you’ll find out while you learn.

  13. sciguy14 Avatar

    When Benjamin …
    When Benjamin Franklin was first investigating electricity, he incorrectly assumped that the current carrying element was positive (protons), but it was? later discovered that electrons are the mobile component. Alas, the standard had already been defined, so now we’re stuck with this. Current flows in the same direction as positive “holes”, but opposite of the direction of negative electrons.

  14. sciguy14 Avatar

    Would you like to …
    Would you like to elaborate? I’m intentionally trying to keep it simple, and use a low-component count so it is easy for beginners to follow. I didn’t claim to have exceptionally robost amplifier circuit in this video, just something simple that would do the job. I always appreciate? feedback, please feel free to email me via the contact form on my website to elaborate on what you don’t like about the circuit, etc.

  15. lennyhome Avatar

    No offense but your …
    No offense but your op-amp? rectifier circuit is flawed in more than one way. Take your time and simulate your circuits in SPICE before spreading mistakes.

  16. russotragik Avatar

    what’s next Jeremy? …
    what’s next Jeremy?
    why? not a graphic color LCD? =)

  17. skizz0id Avatar

    Great tutorials, …
    Great tutorials, Jeremy. THanks for providing them. I am just starting out as a hobbyist in electronics and your vids have enlightened me a good deal in a very short time. Please carify this for me . I am confused. I read an electronics book that ” CONVENTIONAL CURRENT FLOW IS FROM THE POSITIVE TO THE NEGATIVE? TERMINAL IN A CIRCUIT BUT THAT THE FLOW OF ELECTRONS IS FROM THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL TO THE POSITIVE TERMINAL.”
    wHaT?!! Doesn’t current flow in the same direction as electrons?

  18. MrMaxymoo22 Avatar

    I’d really like the …
    I’d really like the name of the song,? it’s really good!

  19. prab03 Avatar

    you my? good sir …
    you my? good sir are very smart and make it look very easy

  20. sciguy14 Avatar


  21. Z2m8l0 Avatar

    You are so smart, …
    You are so smart, and your videos are so? easy to understand, great talking and teaching! Keep it up!!!!!!!!

  22. kasperfish Avatar

    I? went through all …
    I? went through all your tutorials but even don’t have an arduino (yet ๐Ÿ™‚ Very clear tuts, thumbs up!!

  23. minniman1234 Avatar

    Please more, thanks …
    Please more, thanks so much , you are? AMAZIN, keep em comin!!!!

  24. deaforganist001 Avatar

    I don’t think you …
    I don’t think you realize just how important your work is.

    You are young and you are speaking at a pace useful only to young people. If you spoke more slowly (like radio and TV announcers do) then old guys who hear differently could pick up enough info to motivate grandchildren.

    That’s how I will use this knowledge and people like me can take you far. We simply cannot understand your words at this? speed.

  25. HampusSandberg Avatar

    Found it! The item- …
    Found it! The item-code on parallax site is: 152-01031 if someone else wonders? what the trim-pot is.

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