The Latest in Hobby Robotics 06

In this weeks show, Rik and Frits are taking a look at one of the
oldest, yet still most popular simple and fun hobby robot projects:
“The Sumo”. Also in this show, a look at a very impressive piece of a
hand made full metal robot that looks like it is ready to explore
Here is a list of links related to the show, including project pages
and YouTube clips:

Gary’s Nano Sumo

iRichiepoo’s Arduino Sumo Robot Prototype

patrickmccabe and Gary’s Nano Sumo

E2TK’s ArduSumoto

thesaxmachine’s Pyrostriker: Flame Shark

FingerTech Robotics’s FT Sumo

Solarbotics K SV Sumovore Mini Sumo Kit

thesaxmachine’s Samm The Sumobot

noise0’s Arduino Minisumo 01

Antonb’s MTR – A planetary surface exploration rover

Clip from Monkey vs. Robot

Duration : 0:4:57

[youtube zAyNvMZL6UM]

25 thoughts on “The Latest in Hobby Robotics 06

  1. At the start I …
    At the start I thought he? was talking about robot ghosts…

  2. what a link to the …
    what a link to the video with remote M16 mini tank? – what? makes war not love

  3. I built a sumo …
    I built a sumo robot? and my pet ferret had a blast playing with it.

  4. I wish some day I …
    I wish some day I will build a sumo class robot. And thx – I did get inspired -? time to start hacking my attiny.

  5. You can use them to …
    You can use them to clean up a? certain place 😀

  6. Personally, I …
    Personally, I prefer Parallax MCUs even if they are more expensive. They’re quite powerful, and the command set is? also quite large, especially for the 2p24 in the case of BASIC Stamps, which includes useful special commands like LCDOUT or I2CIN. I’m actually doing an autonomous robot using one.

  7. You are looking at …
    You are looking at the sumo bots.? I like the robot ramble robots for science olympiad. But they are controlled by a controller in a persons hand. I plan on trying to make ours run on its own using either an arduino or a parallax solution.

  8. You’d think just …
    You’d think just showing up here we’d already be? interested in making something. New ideas are great but they really should at least go over the basics.

  9. Inspiration is not …
    Inspiration is not about being taught how to do it, they inspire us to go out and? make something of our own.

  10. Well, I do: …
    Well, I do: letsmakerobots. com/start 🙂
    (without the space)?

  11. What good is …
    What good is inspiration if you? don’t help us actually learn how to make robots?

  12. WTF. People is …
    WTF. People is writing that he might be from Denmark? He clearly states in the video at he is a dane. 🙂
    Tag jer sammen? dumme amerikanere. 😀

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