Gesture Controlled Robot(INDUSTRIAL/SUMMER TRAINING).Summer Training Course in Embedded

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Gesture Controlled Robot made by one of our B.TECH INDUSTRIAL TRAINING student with guidance from our faculty.
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Today APPIN Noida is assisting young technocrats to find/achieve their goals by imparting them practical value education which is the need of the hour.
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1. Voice Controlled Robot.
2. Talking robot.
3. SMS based appliance control.
4. GPRS based remote control.
5. Vehicle tracking system — used by oil companies to track their tank trucks for oil stealing.
6. Phone controlled robots.
7. Gesture controlled robots — used in medical and industries.
8. Gamepad based robot control.
9. Internet based home automation.
10. Laser security system.
11. Heart beat monitor.
12. Collision detection/avoidance robot.
13. Flying robot with camera.
14. How to make a simple robotic arm made of wood.
15. Wireless control & communication (RF/IR).
16. Digital combination lock.
17. Insect robot- spy robot.
18. Wireless Sensor Data acquisition system.
19. Train collision avoidance system.
20. Manufacturing & assembly line counter.
21. Proximity detection security system.

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