Stupid robotic arm with stepper motor

PIC18F452 RISC controls all. Stepper positions are stored by PC. I assembled this stupid things hardware in my spare time and it took nearly one month. More than 80 pieces screws and nearly 100 nuts are used. Without software it was a metal heap.

Some explanations for beginners :

There are 4 stepper and 2 servos in this gadget. Stepper motors and driver ICs are removed from old printers.

Softwares: 18f452 mcu side software is based on Microchip’s “stepper motor example”. Pc side software is
just a conventional com port terminal program with some extras.

Before doing this I couldnt plan everything, learned while doing,
remembered some math and physics rules. Aluminium panels are used for skeleton. There are 4 step motors:
1st is at the bottom for circular movement, an old floppy disk driver mechanism holds and turns the whole arm.
2nd one used for lifting the arm,
3rd is at the centre and 4th one is for holding the grip mechanism. There are 2 servo motors. One of them is for circular movement (not used in the movie) and the second is for gripping. Grip mechanism is copied from internet. 2 gears are strengthening each stepper motor . This thing is very heavy and bulky but can be improved.

Stepper motors are not being driven simultaneously, this causes some delays. Every motor has to keep its own position while one of the other is rotating. Each step motor takes nearly 1 amp. current. Driving 4 motor at the same time needs 4×1 = 4 amp. current, this means very big power supply.

There must be a different way to perform the mechanical power to each movement point. Because every motor has to carry first its own body weight.

Duration : 0:9:41

[youtube P8XjpakWYik]

24 thoughts on “Stupid robotic arm with stepper motor

  1. why do people think …
    why do people think this is stupid?? why did you even call it stupid?? this is waaaayy better than anything i? could do. i think u did an awesome job!!!

  2. type …
    type : 6-wire 4-phase? stepper motor
    step angle : 360/7.5 = 48 steps (360/5 = 72 steps)
    ohm/phase : 15 Ohms (5 ohms)
    current/phase : 0.8 Amp. (1 Amp)
    voltage : 12 V (5 V)
    dimensions : 300×400 mm (approximately) (250×350)

    I got them from faulty laser/inkjet printers, driver IC’s as well.Gears can be found in laser printer cartridges.

  3. where did? u get …
    where did? u get the stepper motors and what size r they

  4. can you make that? …
    can you make that? wethechocolat? i think not there4 you are stupid

  5. stupid robot arm.. …
    stupid robot arm.. you’re so stupid.. you’ll never? win an arm wrestling competition.. QUIT DREAMING..

  6. uuuuuuuuu did you …
    uuuuuuuuu did you make that ? ……it is great not stupud

  7. y nid stepper? for …
    y nid stepper? for it?cnt reply wf servo motor?it also cn turn to 360 degrree

  8. License it out to …
    License it out to General Motors… they need some? upgrades in their factory equipment.

  9. hey? .. nice yaa .. …
    hey? .. nice yaa ..
    can u tell me how u prepared its mechanical structure .. .

  10. Oh so it’s like my …
    Oh so it’s like my job? Slow and useless. LOL But seriously, if the arm moves too slowly you need to send the step signals quicker. ? It isn’t a problem with stepper vs. Servo. It’s a controller problem. Good start on the project.

  11. when i build one… …
    when i build one…ill make sure the? motors on every part has overdrive:)

  12. You could replace …
    You could replace stepper motors with servo motors. It will give you your speed and power, so you wont just grab a ball, but something heavy? 🙂

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