Super Simple Audio Cellbot

This robot is controlled via the audio on your android smartphone. It does not use a microcontroller.

Kits at:

Instructions at:

Duration : 0:2:13

[youtube EPhAD0m1zvo]

11 thoughts on “Super Simple Audio Cellbot

  1. Nice Video. Can you …
    Nice Video. Can you give a description on how you made this project like? the circuit that you used and the components and etc?

  2. lol? i love that …
    lol? i love that when it comes to modders like this they always have to use something like a wii more or a ps3 controller just to make it more complicated and cooler

  3. Magnets do not …
    Magnets do not affect smart-phones? because they use flash storage instead of magnetic spinning disk storage like your computer.

  4. cool. probably not …
    cool. probably not the best idea to have magnets? near your smartphone though….

  5. lol that’s a lot …
    lol that’s a lot fun. probably you can make a drama? out of it.

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