How to build a simple robot hand – simplified wrist joint

POV sample video of the build process for the ECCE3 robot showing how to assemble a simplified wrist joint in polymorph with needle bearings. This style of building robots is characterised by a very organic feel and very low tooling costs and could potentially be done by anyone with the time and interest to learn how.

Please comment below if you have an interest in learning more.

Duration : 0:14:54

[youtube HHckJ3594U4]

2 thoughts on “How to build a simple robot hand – simplified wrist joint

  1. Producing a set of …
    Producing a set of open source CAD drawings that would enable the use of a 3D printer is a long term goal but even then printing the full bulk of the robot would be prohibitively expensive and? slow. Using polymorph this way is considerably cheaper as you only need a few household tools and also has the great advantage of allowing you to experiment with the working design as you build it. For example freeze spray is used at 4.20 to surface cool and a heat gun used at 5.00 to reheat for correction

  2. Why don’t you use a …
    Why don’t you use a 3D printer to print the robot parts ??

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