Tutorial – Robot Eye Rig 1/2

In the first tutorial at Peculiar Motion, we will go over modeling a simple robotic eye, and rigging it for animation. Topics covered will be aperture shape, custom attributes, parenting vs. the parent constraint, simple IK, and grouping for animation.

Questions and comments are welcome!

Sorry about my screwed up object naming. As promised – Optical Anatomy Reference: http://www.eyesandeyesight.com/wp-content/anatomy-of-the-eye.jpg

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmWiG7eH3qw

Duration : 0:14:36

[youtube ZdF3d3t7W4A]

4 thoughts on “Tutorial – Robot Eye Rig 1/2

  1. Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the tutorial. I have just one question though…
    I’ve made the aperture blade and it works fine, but would I be able? to resize, rotate, and move the entire lot to fit where I want it to go? (I’m not using it for a robot eye, but somewhere else on the robot. The robot is already modelled and textured, but I can’t work out how I can move all instances without disrupting the set up.)

  2. Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it. Let me know when that? robot is complete!

  3. Thank? you so much …
    Thank? you so much for this tutorial. I’m actually stuck for my final robot modeling and this eye is exactly wat i need. Thanks for ur good explaination. Would love to see more. =D

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