Maker Faire 2012: OpenROV Underwater Robots

Will chats with Eric from OpenROV (open source remotely operated vehicles) about underwater robots that anyone can download the designs to and build with off-the-shelf parts. The robots can be equipped with lights, servos, webcams, and then controlled with a game controller. Eric also explains how OpenROV was originally created to hunt for lost treasure. True story!

Duration : 0:6:41

[youtube nxeK16pdoyE]

9 thoughts on “Maker Faire 2012: OpenROV Underwater Robots

  1. I would hope it …
    I would hope it could be done for less than a grand.
    underwater bots are pretty cool and I’ve thought about it. even cooler is an autonomous one that can go really really deep. if? you just lacquer or epoxy the electronics you don’t need a pressure vessel and things become easier.
    you could make a bot with solar panels on that go around the world on its own and do dives.
    it could have really sensitive sonar and listen for nuclear subs or ufos going by in the deep

  2. it needs a backup …
    it needs a backup thing that if the tether gets broke it atomically goes? up to the top

  3. I would be …
    I would be if? I lost my $1000 homemade ROV to a broken tether.

  4. Open Hardware along …
    Open Hardware along-side Open Software is the Future of? Tech. Thank you 🙂

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