Arduino compatible ATLAS HEXAPOD ROBOT kit.

This is a tiny 3 servo, Arduino compatible 6 legged robot kit available from
It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is quite powerful. At its heart is an ATMEGA168 chip which comes pre-programmed and can easily be re-programmed as it it basically an Arduino project. Yes it even has the bootloader. The machine also has a small prototyping area and masts for mounting larger prototyping areas. The board is designed so every pin of the processor can easily be tapped into so the machine is a very friendly to hackers and circuit benders. It’s a perfect robotic project base or you can just enjoy it as is, as a desk top robot toy.

More details about the robot can be found here:

The She Creatures
Mina Kosti?

Duration : 0:3:54

[youtube 2O_Z23Mffng]

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  1. hey do we can have …
    hey do we can have the code source of your project ? ?

  2. Hi, this is? the …
    Hi, this is? the God of Humanoid Robots… I? know how to lead the technology…

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