Roomba Scheduler Vacuuming Robot

Roomba Scheduler Robotic Vacuum The top model in the iRobot Roomba series offers the absolute latest and greatest features in programmable robotic vacuum systems, including automatic cleaning routines, an Active Dirt Response system, floorboard following, corner cleaning, automatic homing for recharging and much, much more. Robot Simple The Roomba Scheduler works at night or when nobody is at home to provide immaculate results with virtually no effort. Emptying the 3-cup capacity debris bin is all the maintenance the unit requires under normal operation. Seeks Out Dirt It automatically seeks out dirt via its Active Dirt Response feature and concentrates cleaning power on soiled areas until the job is done. Once the Roomba Scheduler robotic vacuum completes its chores, it automatically returns to its charging base, and the unit operates for up to 120 minutes on one charge. Robot Smart The Roomba Scheduler is no dummy when it comes to keeping house. Smart features allow the robot to adjust its brush height to accommodate hardwood floors and pile carpeting, and the unit follows floorboards to effectively clean all corners and edges. The Roomba only needs 4″ of clearance to clean under objects, and cliff sensors prevent the unit from falling down stairs. Robot Remote Scheduling the Roomba robot vacuum is easy via a convenient remote control, which also allows users to guide the vacuum manually. Its AWARE Intelligence System even plans an escape route if the robot feels it’s in a sticky situation, and two Virtual Wall Schedulers are included to physically limit the cleaning radius of the unit. What’s in the box? Scheduling Remote Control with LED Display 2 Roomba Filters 1 replacement Bristle Brush 1 replacement Beater Brush Advance Power Supply (APS) Battery Advance Power Supply (APS) Fast Charger Self-charging Home Base 2 Virtual Wall Schedulers (requires 2 D batteries per unit, not included) One-year manufacturer’s warranty Includes Documentation and Owner

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