Fairy Dang-Sing (Super Robot Wars / Taisen OG The Inspector vocal version)

From Nico

Here is the vocal edition of Fairy Dang-Sing (Fairy Dang-Sing?????????/ ????) which is the themes of loli princess Shine Hausen and Latooni Suvota and their Fairlion Type G and Type S units taken from the anime (SRW/SRT) Super Robot Wars / Taisen OG The Inspector.

It was featured during episode 10 when Princess Shine wants Riksent to be liberated from the opposition forces and where both Fairlions do the Royal Heart Breaker against Archibald Grimms in his Gravilion.

Just a simple video with the music taken from nico and added a few images of Latooni and Shine just to be simple and short. I might probably add a better video when I feel like it and when I find a better audio.

Well anyway enjoy the video and the music track.

Duration : 0:2:58


10 responses to “Fairy Dang-Sing (Super Robot Wars / Taisen OG The Inspector vocal version)”

  1. LordDaemont Avatar

    Gekka ni? mau

    Gekka ni? mau
    Kin’iro MASHIN DOORU
    Furueru mune
    Osae namida harai
    Ima futari yubisaki
    Niji’iro no RAITO wo
    Mi ni abite
    Kirari Shining Fairy
    Mai odore kono toki mo
    Oto wo koete
    Sadame to tomo ni
    Kirari Shining Fairy
    Manazashi no saki ni aru
    Asu wo shinji
    Sora he

    Also, on the first comment, it should be “Tsukiyo” not “Yamiyo”, dunno, must have remembered of Red -Reduction Division- while typing.

  2. alaras Avatar

    The simple dreams …
    The simple dreams of two children
    Crossing paths with fey enchantment

    Dance for your dreams, children
    Let the fairies guide your path

    Soon enough, at journey’s? end
    You will see what you have wrought with your dance…

  3. fryejames12 Avatar

    This? video went …
    This? video went viral on Montevideo

  4. aliastheabnormal Avatar

    Latooni and Shine …
    Latooni and Shine are basically OG’s need for? moe dakka.

  5. piehu010 Avatar

    freakin awsome beat …
    freakin awsome beat……reminds me the first time i listened to japanese? music^^

  6. AmberKobato Avatar

    Death by MOE!… …
    Death by MOE!… literally!!!?

  7. Illidangernika Avatar

    Cute but Hotblooded …
    Cute but Hotblooded!!!!? Royal Heartbreaker!!!!

    final bureiku desuwa~~ xDDD

  8. dleon8914 Avatar


  9. soluuloi Avatar

    I almost die from …
    I almost die from how? cute your cursor is! Small, white and clearly visible!

  10. shinobaiders Avatar

    I almost died from …
    I almost died from how cute this is :3. I truly did? enjoy seeing the Royaru Hartu Bureaku!

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