Super Robot Taisen (GB) – Final Fight

The game that started it all. Way back in 1991, Banpresto managed to acquire the rights of various popular mecha anime. And what did it do with those rights? It decided to create a game for the Nintendo Gameboy called Super Robot Wars where robots from various series would duke it out for ultimate supremacy. The game was released on the 20th of April, 1991.

The plot is simple. Girgilgun invades and invades the planet of the Super Robots. You pick a team from the respective series namely Getter, Mazinger or Gundam to kick Girgilgun’s and thus free the planet.

You can have a maximum of 8 robots on your team and the robot whom you choose to be the leader of the team will have access to seishin. The seishin available to you are all random and it really depends on your luck. The way to recruit other robots is simple, have one of your team members go convince them and they may or may not join depending on your luck and the health of the enemy.

Considering that this game came out way before Pokemon did, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pokemon developers had some inspiration after playing Super Robot Wars. Cause seriously speaking, this game introduced many basic aspects and systems which Pokemon would further improve and develop upon in 1996. Then again, this game could be considered an early clone of Fire Emblem but only better.

The game can be really difficult at times so you have to be very patient if you want to win. Anyway, with the success of this game, a new franchise was born and it would continue to grow and thrive as long as fans continue to love Japanese Mecha Anime.

Duration : 0:3:45


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  1. ThanatosZero Avatar

    Someone should do a …
    Someone should do a hack and bring in? Aussenseiter and Dygenguar into the game. Hey we need atleast some Banpresto originals, ne?

  2. Meloncarty Avatar

    I was? lucky …
    I was? lucky to get Super Robot Taisen G(Gleam) from a neighbor. Without it I probably would have never become a Mecha fan.

  3. phoniexExia Avatar

    and yet we cant …
    and yet we cant have the other? srw series here

  4. MrTrilian83 Avatar

    If you want a …
    If you want a easier fight,just recruit the boss from every stage,hit it until 1 hp remaining,than you can recruit it.My team? at the final stage is all the stage bosses instead of mazinger,getter or gundam.

  5. Mewseeker Avatar

    Super Robot Wars 2? …
    Super Robot Wars 2? on the Nes.

  6. SJtheMFZB Avatar

    This is so cool. I …
    This is so cool. I wish I? grew up with these kinds of games! 😛

  7. ultimatetalesfan19 Avatar

    omit the woulds,? …
    omit the woulds,? obviously. LOL

  8. ultimatetalesfan19 Avatar

    It is not every day …
    It is not every day that a series goes from being a cheap game boy game, into a? highly successful, completely multi-platform series.

    I only wish my parents woulds would have put a game boy with this game in it, into my little 2 year old hands, my childhood would have been so much better growing up with this series.

  9. JanusHoW Avatar

    Just watch? as this …
    Just watch? as this guy is the final boss of Super Robot Taisen OG3.

  10. white0012 Avatar

    how to be a english …
    how to be a english version??

  11. DuelGundam2099 Avatar

    @Douthimir, you’re …
    @Douthimir, you’re thinking? of Gilgilgan form 3 (also final boss in this vid), Mecha GGG is supposed to be an in-series style Banpresto original like Mazinkaiser or Pantagruel.

  12. Duothimir Avatar

    The movie Great …
    The movie Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo,? near the end.

  13. DuelGundam2099 Avatar

    If Mecha Gilgirgun? …
    If Mecha Gilgirgun? (Girgirgan, Gilgilgan, Girgilgan, however it’s officially translated =P) didn’t make it’s debut in the first SRW game, when did it first debut?

  14. doctorlatino123 Avatar

    The map music is …
    The map music is very cool! =) how i like what did a remake of? this game for N3DS =D what not just got to the frist mechas of this game i want what include new mechas =) you know what? i want what do a complete game play =P now what in April be the 20th Anniversay of this great saga! 😉

  15. Racsowar Avatar

    Those Girgilgun …
    Those Girgilgun remminds? me of @3 Final boss??

  16. JukeboxHero12345 Avatar

    Dude, you beat this …
    Dude, you beat this monster? You are a freaking GOD of SRW.? I am not worthy.

  17. triniking1234 Avatar

    Shine Spark? always …
    Shine Spark? always wins.

  18. Flamemario12 Avatar

    The original game …
    The original game ends in Chapter 13. Wow,that was short.?

  19. averageasian4292 Avatar

    I’m starting to …
    I’m starting to wonder what this would look like if they? remade this…….

  20. BradRy2 Avatar

    wow. didn’t think …
    wow. didn’t think it? went that far back.

  21. 90sHeroMAXD Avatar

    Its funny how they …
    Its funny how they miss a big guy? like GirGiluGian

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