Speed Art #3 “Robot”

Song: After The Suffering Artist: With One Last Breath
I got the main body idea from /im010x, I really like him as an artist. But I gave it my touch and some colors. Sorry I didn’t do a video on the modeling. My laptop C4D crashed twice when I went to the front view so I decided to say screw it. Hope you guys like it, It is 1366×768.
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Duration : 0:2:45

8 thoughts on “Speed Art #3 “Robot”

  1. Not supposed to be …
    Not supposed to be literal physics. I took a while to render and I didn’t want to re render? it :/

  2. this is awesome. …
    this is awesome. could you make? something for me that says JaAb

  3. Maybe you could …
    Maybe you could upload these awesome pictures you edited, so people clan download them.? Then they have an awesome background 😉

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